AYC Halo Ring  LED Photography Lamp
AYC Halo Ring LED Photography Lamp

AYC Halo Ring LED Photography Lamp

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AYC Halo Ring  LED Photography Lamp
The LED Halo light by Dermalogic provides an attractive, soft, near-shadowless light quality with captivating, ring-shaped light reflections in the eyes of your subject. This Halo ring light can help you quickly achieve beautiful, studio-quality media without adding any filters or editing - This Halo light is perfect for photography, makeup, professional salon use, Instagram, live stream, and other social uses.

  • 3 color modes with full adjustable brightness
  • Aluminum alloy tripod with 18" - 75“ extendable tripod stand
  • Center phone holder
  • Light temperature that ranges from soft white, a warm white, and a warm yellow
  • At 18", the led circle ring light is large enough to be used from a distance and up close
  • A second dial controls the brightness of the light from 0 to 100%
  • Powerful 200 lamp beads that can light up a whole room

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