Belvedere FR02 Forum Island
Belvedere FR02 Forum Island

Belvedere FR02 Forum Island

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Belvedere FR02+FRMP01 Forum Island Styling Station
Constructed to last, the Forum offers durability, style, and function in an all in one styling island.

  • Freestanding back to back cabinet and base assembly
  • Each side includes drawer and storage
  • Tool panel for:
    • Handheld dryer holder
    • Clipper and two curling irons
    • 4-plex outlet to be hard wired on site
  • Two Mirror panels with mirror cleat
  • Two mirrors
  • Two glass shelves
  • Two shelf rods

34"w x 76"h.  
Cabinet depth: 12.5"
Mirror Shelf: 10"w
Total depth with cabinet and shelves: 33"

 1 Year Warranty

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