Rhino Salon Reflex Anit-Fatigue Mat
Rhino Salon Reflex Anit-Fatigue Mat

Rhino Salon Reflex Anit-Fatigue Mat

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Rhino Salon Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mat
There is science behind the construction of the Reflex Mat... the solid domed Reflex surface is compliant, taking the shape of the foot and providing equal support over the entire footprint. At the same time it becomes very aggressive, providing an upward vertical force and simple manipulation of areas of the feet. This relieves tension and breaks up patterns of stress in other parts of the body to an amazing extent. The dual action blend of sponge with vertical column support + the super resilient closed cell polymeric sponge base encourages subtle movement of leg and calf muscles, which promotes blood flow to the heart. Amazing!
  • Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats are available in two styles:  
    • Single Sponge style is 9/16" thick 
    • Double Sponge is a full 1" thick | double the thickness of ordinary mats
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