Silhouet-Tone Nevada Massage Bed
Premium Single Cushion Option

Silhouet-Tone Nevada Massage Bed

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Silhouet-Tone Nevada Massage Bed
With a new Tafisa wood finish for its frame, available in a variety of four colors, the Nevada Premium is perfect for facial and body care treatments, hair removal, massaging and more. 
  • Sturdy and highly stable resting on four columns
  • Choice of Premium 1 Single Cushion or Premium 4 Cushion Design
  • One on each side the Nevada Premium features a crossbar for safety allowing to go up and down by using a foot pedal. Handsfree!
  • Storage space for supplies with optional drawer or two
  • Great storage area for towel warmer


72.9 × 31 × 35.25 in
Length: 185.1 cm (72.9 in) without headrest
Width: 79.7 cm (31 in)
Height: 61.6 cm (24.25 in) to 90.81 cm (35.25 in)
Reclining backrest: from 0 degree to 70 degree
Cushion padding: 8.9 cm (3.5 in)
Weight: 157 kg (345 lbs)
Lift capacity: 272 kg (600 lb)


1 Year Warranty

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