Silhouet-Tone O2 Chair

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MODEL: ST-411180
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\n \nO2 Chair is the only technology providing effective power napping due to our unique combination of zero gravity, nap breathing exercise*, synchronized swinging movement, oxygen concentrator, optional heating, soothing sound/instruction and wake up. \n \nThe table guides you through breathing exercises for optimal oxygenation and better stress management. \n \nUNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME \n \nNO NEED FOR MANPOWER \n \nThis moment of relaxation can be combined with the preparation for a massage as well as other spa services. Relaxation and wellness will greatly improve the effectiveness of treatments. \n
  • 02 Breath: Purified oxygen concentrator
  • \n
  • 02 Sound & Voice: For guided breathing exercise
  • \n
  • 02 Software: Control center
  • \n
  • 02 Relax: Anatomically-shaped foam, ergonomic lines
  • \n
  • 02 Swing: Synchronized with your breath
  • \n
  • 02 Heat: Complete relaxation
  • \n
  • 02 Zero-Gravity: Biomechanism created by N.A.S.A
  • \n
\n  \n \n*Note: This item will ship by freight transport, please contact us for a shipping estimate: 1 (800) 552-0418 \n \n  \n \n

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