Smart Step Granite Semi-Circle Salon Mat
Elite Granite SS2535C75GC Semi-Circle Mat | 2.5' x 3.5' - Copper

Smart Step Granite Semi-Circle Salon Mat

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The "Original" American-Made Polyurethane Beauty Mat

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Smart Step Granite Metallic Flecked Premium Circular Salon Mat

Introducing the precious metal design of the Granite Collection of mats by Salon Smart, offering a touch of elegance to tastefully designed salons and barbershops. These mats feature a smooth surface with a mesmerizing metallic flecked finish, seamlessly combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Instantly elevate the style of your space with this stunning addition!

Crafted with premium comfort and proven durability in mind, the Granite Collection of Mats provides a superior standing solution. Not only do these mats offer the much-needed support for stylists, but they also serve as an attractive element of salon decor. Enhance the look and feel of your salon or barbershop, while simultaneously productivity and healthy living, while fostering a greater sense of appreciation within your business.

American-Made Polyurethane Beauty Mat
  • 3/4" thick mat with Protective Clear Coat Finish: Repelling dirt, hair color, and is easy to sweep
  • Easy step-up edge will never curl 
  • Stain and Hair Color Resistant
  • Easy to maintain, clean, and disinfect
  • Non-Slip Bottom reduces mat travel
  • One-Piece Polyurethane Construction - perfected and tested for over 20 years
  • Available in Copper or Steel Granite Flecked (Select Above)
100% Made in America!

3/4" Thick
Available in various sizes - select above

Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty Protects Against:
- Gradual beveled edges of all Smart Step Mats will never curl
- Smart Step Mats will never bubble up, separate, delaminate or tear
- Non-slip bottoms of mat will never slide around

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