Spa Vision Stone Bath Treatment Room
Spa Vision Stone Bath Treatment Room

Spa Vision Stone Bath Treatment Room

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MODEL: SV-StoneBath
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Spa Vision Stone Bath Treatment Room
The stonebath experience... leaving a lasting impression.

The Stonebath® is an impressive sauna EXPERIENCE combining hot stone, ice cold water, and steam that spreads throughout the whole room: 

Modeled on the elemental forces that occur deep-down in the earth's core.

Utilizing all your senses in a visual, tactile, and sensory experience!

How it works:

Sizzling stones set free their valuable minerals, which spread throughout the room in the form of aerosols and it has the same effect as an inhalation treatment. A gentle but continuous increase in humidity and room temperature is achieved through the repeated lifting and lowering of the basket during your stay in the Stonebath®. The mild overheating is intensified through targeted heat in the seating area.

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