It isn't a secret that the Barbershop has seen a resurgence in the past few years, as many small business owners are successfully opening shops in strategic locations in small and large towns across America. So much so, that a growing need for Skilled Barbers are growing, stemming the growth of Barber Schools and Barbering Programs in many Vocational and Private Cosmetology schools!

The vintage barbershop takes skill to re-create, with the perfect woods, right type of barber chair and design.  It isn't a secret that a straight-razor shave done properly is an unparalleled service! Or the perfect fade done with shears and scissor; the skill mastered by the barber creating perfect fade lines that characterize a proper cut. Many of these vintage services had faded, as the barber shop became rundown and replaced by the shiny, new, and upscale environment of the Salon.  

Yet, with the successful implementation of these services, with the correct environment and proper design - the Vintage Barber Shop can be achieved.  And once again, men can enter to leave the outside behind for a while, grab an actual paper, be offered a nice cold beer while waiting for the services their Dad's and their Dad's Fathers once experienced!

Let Salon Equipment USA help you, as we have helped many others DESIGN, FURNISH, AND EQUIP your Barber Shop, Barber School, or Barbering Program today!